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Bevois Town Primary School


Festival of Culture

February 5th - 9th February


This week, all schools in the ‘Aspire Community Trust’ have taken part in a Festival of Culture. Together our schools are celebrating our cultural diversity and the value we place on learning with and from one another by all participating in a 'Festival of Culture'.


Across all the schools in the Trust, each year group adopted a different country to focus upon. At our school, we decided that each year group would choose a different African country to help develop the  pupils understanding of Africa as a continent – its key geographical features, people, their culture and the vast diversity of animal life that inhabit each of these different and special landscapes.


Year R – Nigeria

Year R “travelled” to Nigeria using world maps to help them find their way. They learnt about Nigeria and made masks, drums and even took part in some tie dying. They also tasted some delicious traditional Nigerian food.



Year 1 – Tanzania


Year One learnt about Tanzania, and the children loved making a Tanzanian flag, dot painting a giraffe and talking about Mount Kilimanjaro.


Year 2 – The Gambia

Year Two were looking at the country of The Gambia and began the week by reading the first part of ‘Grace and Family’ by Mary Hoffman, which tells the story of a girl who is invited by her Papa to visit The Gambia. The Year Two children created passports and found the country on a map, before "flying" there. They even made Benachin stew in a slow cooker before tasting it at the end of the day. It was DELICIOUS!



Year 3 – Morocco
Year Three also “flew” on an aeroplane– this time to Morocco!  They each had an information pack and while they were in the air they watched some videos and wrote facts about Morocco. Then, in the afternoon, they used their new facts to create posters. 
Year 4 - Egypt
In Year Four, the children researched modern Egypt (as they were in the process of studying Ancient Egypt). They found out about the climate and compared it to their own country. They researched religion, festivals and food. Each group then presented this on a poster. 

Year 5 – Kenya

Year 5 studied the country of Kenya, researching its culture and location. In particular they focussed on traditional Kenyan stories, which they read and acted out. They also created art inspired by Martin Bulinya (a Kenyan artist).
Year 6 – South Africa
Year Six started off by learning about one of the most influential people in South Africa’s history – Nelson Mandela. Their task was to write a biography about his life and how he became the first black president of South Africa. 
They also worked to create African stone art. They had to draw animals that lived in South Africa onto coffee stained paper using watercolours.
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