Bevois Town Primary School


Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


Senior Leadership Team

Miss Maybury          Headteacher

Mrs Young               Deputy Headteacher / Lead DSL

Miss Colbert            Assistant Headteacher / SENCo / Deputy DSL

Mr Steel                   Assistant Headteacher / Phase Leader Years 4 - 6

Mrs Durrant             School Business and Premises Leader



Mrs Horsley             Pupil Attendance and Family Support Officer


Year R Team

Mrs Higgins                Teacher (Caterpillars)

Mrs Patel                    Teacher 

Mrs Tucker                 Teacher (Bumblebees)

Miss Greenwood        Teaching Assistant

Miss Carr                    Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kekere-Ekun       Teaching Assistant

Mrs Roberts               Teaching Assistant

Miss Vine                   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sharma               Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Slowik                 Lunchtime Supervisor


Year 1 Team                                                          

Mrs Davies                         Teacher (1D) 

Mrs Pope                            Teacher (1P)                  

Mrs Dayal                           Teaching Assistant                 

Mrs Setters                         Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Shahen                        Teaching Assistant         


Year 2 Team

Mrs Boussot                       Teacher (2B)

Miss Nicholas                     Teacher (2N)

Miss Hibbs                         Teaching Assistant

Miss McGregor-Ritchie      Teaching Assistant

Miss Tubb                          Teaching Assistant


Year 3 Team                                                             

Miss Ash                            Teacher (3A)                 

Miss Moreira                      Teacher (3M)                  

Miss Murdoch                    Teaching Assistant     

Mrs Sidhu                          Teaching Assistant  

Miss Streak                        Teaching Assistant      


Year 4 Team

Mrs Harrison                      Teacher (4H)

Miss Tantillo                       Teacher (4T)

Mrs Farano                         Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hickman                      Teaching Assistant

Mrs Russell                        Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sidhu                           Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stow                            Teaching Assistant


Year 5 Team                                                              

Mr Page                              Teacher  (5P)      

Miss Wilson                        Teacher (5W)       

Mrs Ridley                          Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Steart                           Teaching Assistant        


Year 6 Team

Miss Hall                             Teacher (6H)

Miss Reavie                        Teacher (6R)

Mrs Allen                             Teaching Assistant

Mr Wood                             Teaching Assistant


Internal Cover

Mr Conduct              Teacher

Mrs Drouet-Lewis    Teacher (Music)

Mr Gheorghe           Teacher (ICT)

Mrs Hodge               Teacher


School Business and Premises Team

Mrs Durrant         School Business and Premises Leader


Office Team                                                                

Mrs Davis            Receptionist / Admin Assistant  

Miss Dziki            Receptionist / Admin Assistant                            

Mr Gheorghe       ICT Technician                             


Site Team

Mrs Allen               Cleaner

Miss Chibuye        Cleaner

Mrs Dunn              Site Supervisor

Mr Dziki                 Groundsman/Cleaner


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Our Values

These underpin our vision and are at the HEART of everything we do
  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Achievement
  • Respect & Responsibility
  • Teamwork
At Bevois Town there are no ‘invisible’ children. All will shine and experience success. Reach for the stars - There is no ceiling to the sky!
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Our Values