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Early Help

Children and Families First (Early Help)




At Bevois Town Primary School, we are committed to 'early help' as a means of providing support as soon as a problem emerges at any point in a child’s life. Providing early help is more effective in promoting the welfare of children than reacting later. All staff in school have received training on how to identify children and families who may benefit from early help. Our staff are aware of the early help process and understand their role in identifying emerging problems, sharing information with other agencies and for some staff acting as the lead professional in undertaking early help assessments and co-ordinating support.  


What is Early Help?

When a child/young person/family needs something extra, early help is the initial response offered by all services in contact with children, young people and families. This builds an understanding to address extra needs and prevent situations from getting more difficult for children and young people. The aim of Early Help is to build on people's strengths and resources to manage their own dilemmas, resolve their own difficulties and prevent further problems in the future.


Sometimes families benefit from having a professional network of support around them to help with things like their family’s health, getting into work and improving school attendance. The support that can be offered through Southampton's Early Help Hub (now called Children and Families First) is based on what each family needs and it’s voluntary so it only takes place if the family agree to it.


The team work with the whole family, helping to identify the areas of support needed and pulling a plan together. The team contains multi-agency, skilled workers from many different services and backgrounds. 


How Can I Access Early Help?

As a school, we make referrals to Early Help but parents and carers are also able to make a referral themselves. 


Children and Families First (formerly known as Early Help), Jigsaw and the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) are still existing services within the Children’s Resource Service but there is now one referral route for access to all services. If you are unsure about whether you wish to make a referral, please consult the Southampton Pathways Document.  


You can compete the online referral form which will be sent directly to the Childen's Resource Service when you submit it. 


If you have any questions about Early Help or would like support completing the form, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Young (Deputy Headteacher and Lead DSL). Alternatively,  you can contact the team directly on

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