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As part of our Science topic focusing on animals (including humans), the children visited the SEARCH museum in Gosport.  





SEARCH is a unique venue full of artefacts and specimens and the children loved becoming scientists, even getting to wear lab coats for the day! Through a range of different learning tasks, the children were provided with hands on opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of skeletons, muscles and diet.


The children tried to build a human skeleton, learning some of the names for the bones in our body and understanding that they are needed for support, protection and movement.  
Using magnifying glasses and microscopes, the children examined different animal skeletons and tried to work out which animal they belonged to. They made comparisons to the human skeleton.
The children learned that some animals do not have backbones (invertebrates), whilst others - such as insects, grasshoppers and cockroaches - have external skeletons that support and protect their body (exoskeleton).
Discovering that it is possible to learn about an animal’s diet from their poo was a particular highlight! Using screen microscopes, the children examined owl pellets to find out about their diet and then compared this to other animals, including our own diets.

Useful websites


BBC Bitesize: Skeletons and Muscles


The Natural History Collections of the University of Edinburgh: Invertebrates


National Geographic Museum: Invertebrates


Natural History Museum:

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