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Building Learning Power


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At Bevois Town Primary School we are committed to building young people’s learning power; not just what they are learning, but more importantly learning how to learn.  Meet our Learning Heroes and find out how they can help us all become successful  ‘Life Long Learners’:


Together we represent the 4R’s for Learning


 Resourceful         Reciprocal           Resilient         Reflective



What is Building Learning Power?

Did you know that we can continually develop our capacity to learn in new and challenging circumstances throughout our life?

In the developing field of learning to learn, research suggests that there are several broad dispositions we need to develop in order to become successful lifelong learners.

Professor Guy Claxton suggests that there are four key learning dispositions:

  • Resilience
  • Reflectiveness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reciprocity/social relationships


These dispositions are inherent in all of us. They are not fixed at birth, or when we leave school. They can be developed in everyone regardless of current ability or age. There are no limits to extending our learning power.

We have introduced these dispositions to the children as groups of learning muscles. Just as we can build our physical muscles by the right kind of exercise, we can also exercise our learning muscles to develop strength and stamina. Developing the dispositions that make for success as a life long learner equates to achieving a good level of all-round learning fitness.


Each of the 4R’s is made up of a number of learning behaviours, which we call learning capacities. These are summarised below. Because learning capacities are specific in nature, they can be individually trained, nurtured and exercised.


Resilience is:

Being ready, willing and able to lock into learning. Knowing how to work through difficulties when the pressure mounts or the going gets tough.

  • Absorption – the pleasure of being engrossed in learning.
  • Managing Distractions – recognising and reducing interruptions.
  • Noticing – concentrating hard and really sensing what's out there in learning.
  • Perseverance - not giving up when learning is hard, understanding the feelings of learning when things are a challenge.


Resourcefulness is:

Being ready, willing and ready to learn in different ways – using both internal and external resources effectively, calling on different ways of learning as appropriate:

  • Questioning – asking questions of yourself and others. Being curious, playing with situations and delving beneath the surface of things.
  • Making Links – making connections between consolidated and new learning – building patterns and weaving a web of understanding.
  • Imagining – using the mind’s eye as a learning tool – using your imagination – wondering ‘what if’
  • Reasoning – calling up your logical and rational skills to work things out methodically and rigorously. Constructing good arguments.
  • Capitalising – Making good use of and drawing on a full range of resources from school and the wider world.


Reflectiveness is:

Being ready and willing to become more strategic about learning – taking a longer term view by planning, taking stock and drawing out your experiences as a learner to get the best out of yourself. Your reflectiveness is made up of:

  • Planning – working out learning in advance. Planning learning.
  • Revising – monitoring and adapting along the way. Being flexible, changing your plans, monitoring and reviewing your learning
  • Distilling – drawing out the lessons from experience. Looking at what has been learned – pulling out essential features – carrying them forward to aid future learning. Being your own learning coach.
  • Meta learning – knowing yourself as a learner – how you learn best. How to talk about the learning process


Reciprocity/social relationships

  • Interdependence – knowing when it’s appropriate to learn on your own or with others, and being able to put your view across in class discussions and circle times.
  • Collaboration – the skills of learning with others. Respecting and recognising other points of view. Adding to and drawing from the strength of teams.
  • Empathy and Listening – contributing to others’ experiences by listening to them to understand what they are really saying, and putting yourself in their shoes
  • Imitation – constructively adopting methods of learning, picking up habits and values from other people whom you observe.


At Bevois Town we use our Learning Heroes to help our learners understand the four R’s.


Hello, I am Tough Tortoise

I don’t give up and I like to be challenged!

  • I get absorbed in my learning
  • I don’t give up when learning is hard.
  • I concentrate really well and I notice everything.

Hello, I am Smart Squirrel.

I am very resourceful. I try to find things out for myself and make good use of the resources around me to support my learning.

  • I make connections with prior  learning and this  helps me learn new things. I have a step by step approach to my learning.
  • I use pictures in my head to support my thinking.
  • I am confident to ask great questions.
  • I like to go exploring for the answers and love using the computer and books to increase my knowledge and understanding.


Good Day to you my friends. I am Wise Owl.

I am reflective and I think carefully about how to overcome obstacles in my learning.

  • I plan my learning effectively. I like using my everyday experiences to support my learning.
  • I can review and redraft to improve my learning and enjoy talking about the progress I am making.
  • I am a deep thinker.
  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I enjoy it when I am fully engaged with a new task. Exerting effort to master something gives me a good feeling.
  • I use my reflection skills to review and improve my learning
  • I am learning to become an effective learner – this takes lots of effort and skill

Hi, we are Team Ant.

We can work independently and we are also good team players.

  • We can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and show empathy.
  • We like to congratulate others on their ideas and we are good listeners.
  • I can work independently.
  •  I like working in a team.


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Our Values

These underpin our vision and are at the HEART of everything we do
  • Hope
  • Equality
  • Achievement
  • Respect & Responsibility
  • Teamwork
At Bevois Town there are no ‘invisible’ children. All will shine and experience success. Reach for the stars - There is no ceiling to the sky!
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