We made it! A reminder that it is the last day for children today as the school is closed tomorrow for an Inset Day. Have a lovely summer holiday and we look forward to welcoming the children back on 6th September.

Bevois Town Primary School



We currently have vacancies on our Governing Body for Parent Governors.  Please click on the link below to find out more information.

Welcome to our Governors' section. 

''Governors are absolutely committed to getting the best for

every pupil and know the school's strengths and weaknesses well.''

(Ofsted, October 2018)

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Letter to parents from Chair of Governors: Simon Gibson

Bevois Town Primary School Governing Body 2020-21



Term of Office 

End date

Position Committees Phase Link Responsibilities
Simon Gibson 23/07/21 Chair

Strategy & Resources; HT Performance Review; Standing Appeals

  Trust Gov; H&S; GDPR; SFVS
Katie Stewart 23/07/21 Vice-chair Strategy & Resources; Standing Appeals Y2/3 Safeguarding; Equality & Diversity
Hilary Jackson 10/11/23   Strategy & Resources; Headteacher Performance Review; Standing Appeals Y4/5/6 Pupil Premium
Alison Maybury n/a   Strategy & Resources;    Trust Governor; 
Shalini Mitchell 19/03/21   Standing Appeals YR/1 Attendance; SEND
Katharine Tantillo 25/03/22        

 Mike             22/03/24



Governing Body Interests 2020-21


Governor Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest
Simon Gibson


-- --
Hilary Jackson -- -- --
Alison Maybury Bevois Town Primary School Education Headteacher
Shalini Mitchell -- -- --
Katie Stewart

Bevois Town Community


Pre-School Committee member
Katharine Tantillo Bevois Town Primary School Education Teacher


Governing Body Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings 2019-20



Gov Type 17/09/19 15/10/19 03/12/19 04/02/20 19/05/20 07/07/20
Zahir Ahmed* Co-opted A -- -- -- -- --
Alison Maybury Head P P P P P P
Simon Gibson Parent P P P P P P
Florence Harvey Co-opted P P P A P P
Hilary Jackson LA P A P P P P
Shalini Mitchell Co-opted P P P A A P
Katie Stewart Parent P P P P P A
Katharine Tantillo Staff P P P P P P
P = present              
A= apologies              

* resigned 03/07/19



Simon Gibson

I serve as the Chair of Governors, having been first appointed to the role in 2019, and reappointed again this year.  I joined Bevois Town Primary as a Parent-Governor in July 2017 and am also a member of the Strategy & Resources Committee.  I joined the Governing Body after my son had just finished his first year at Bevois Town where he thoroughly enjoyed and thrived in the environment created by the excellent staff and children in his class.  Through his year I was able to see how the school dealt with a range of issues in a considerate and effective way, and this has encouraged my passion to be part of continuing to make this a safe, encouraging, fun and successful learning environment for all the wonderful people involved.   I also have a daughter at the School and both are thriving in the very supportive environment.  My background is varied having worked as a bank manager, a printing business owner, a receptionist at a hospital children’s department and now, with the privilege of being, a full-time dad.  There are many challenges presented by the current, constantly changing situation for all of us and I am still just as committed to serving the School to the best of my ability.  


Hilary Jackson

I became a governor at Bevois Town in November 2013 and was the Chair of Governors from September 2014 to 2018.  I am a member of the Resources Committee.

I was previously a headteacher of a Hampshire secondary school for 13 years until I retired in 2013.  Prior to that I was a modern languages teacher and deputy head at Chamberlayne Park School here in Southampton.  The City has been my adopted home-town since 1987, having met then married an ardent Saints supported whilst we were both working at a lively London comprehensive.

I live in Portswood and was keen to become involved in the community once I had more time; I greatly appreciate the opportunity to contribute as a governor in my local primary school.


Shalini Mitchell

I became a governor at Bevois Town in March 2018. I was born and brought up in India and moved to Germany in 2005 where I then spent two years before coming to the UK in 2007. I have lived within a stone’s throw of Bevois Town since moving to Southampton in 2013 and have always been amazed with the diversity of our town. My husband and I were keen for our son to go to the local school and luckily, he was accepted to start his reception year at Bevois Town in September 2018.

After having worked in a sales role for 10 years, I made the decision to make a career change and work closer to home to have a better work-life balance and this has allowed me to pursue my interests and hobbies such as cooking and spending time with my little family.

I have always wanted to find a way to give back to the local community. I feel that schools are first and foremost community resources, and unless they work with, and are accountable to, their local communities, they cannot be regarded as community assets. This is the reason that I opted to join the governing body as I feel this should include local people. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with the other members of the team in promoting good governance and in supporting the students, staff and parents and the role of the school in the community.


Katie Stewart

I have always  been impressed with the passion of the teachers and the inclusive ethos of our school, which is why I’m delighted to have recent extended my term as a Governor at Bevois Town.


I currently work (from home) in Marketing but have tried my hand at a few things including banking and Butlins.


I have two children, one still at Bevois Town but try and make time for my love of reading, gaming and seeing my dearest friends. We also have a cat who is clingy yet adorable.


I know Bevois Town is already a success, embracing values which are very close to my heart. I can’t wait to see what challenges we can overcome and what fantastic outcomes we’ll see from our wonderful student body.


Mike Denness

I became a governor at Bevois Town in March 2021 and I’m delighted to be involved in the school.


I have been involved in city schools since 2010, having served as a Governor, Chair of Governors, Trustee and Chair of Trustees. Education continues to be a major interest for me.


I have lived in the city since 1996 and my daughters all attend city schools.


Miss Tantillo, Year 5 teacher,  is a staff governor and Alison Maybury, the headteacher, is also a Governor.


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