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Bevois Town Primary School



Welcome to our Governors' section. 

''Governors are absolutely committed to getting the best for

every pupil and know the school's strengths and weaknesses well.''

(Ofsted, October 2018)

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Letter to parents from Chair of Governors: Katie Stewart

Bevois Town Primary School Governing Body 2018-19


Name                    Governor Type     Term of Office/     Position         Year       Committee

                                                           End Date                                   Group 

Katie Stewart         Parent                  3 / 13-07-2020     Chair              1 & 2      Foundation Trust Board


Simon Gibson       Parent                  3 / 13-07-2020      Vice Chair         R        Strategy & Resources


Hilary Jackson       Local Authority     3 / 10-11-2020    Pupil Premium   5 & 6   Strategy & Resources


Alison Maybury     Headteacher          N / A                                                       Strategy & Resources

                                                                                                                           Foundation Trust Board

Zahir Ahmed         Co-opted                3  /  16-07-2020                        3 & 4    Strategy & Resources


Jaimie Ellis            Co-opted                3  /  31-08-2018   Safeguarding            Achievement & Wellbeing


Florence Harvey    Co-opted                3  /  27-03-2020                                    Achievement & Wellbeing


Shalini Mitchell      Co-opted                3  /  19-03-2021


Lisa Bates             Clerk                       N / A



Name                       Name of Business                                Nature of Business            Nature of Interest

Hilary Jackson         N/A                                                         N/A                                    N/A

Alison Maybury        Bevois Town Primary School                 Education                          Headteacher

Zahir Ahmed            N/A                                                         N/A                                    N/A

Jaimie Ellis               N/A                                                         N/A                                    N/A

Simon Gibson          Bevois Town Community Pre-School     Pre-School                        Committee member

Florence Harvey      N/A                                                          N/A                                    N/A

Shalini Mitchell         N/A                                                          N/A                                    N/A

Katie Stewart           Bevois Town Community Pre-School      Pre-School                        Committee member


Surname  Forename  Gov Type  Resignation 12-9-17 17-10-17  28-11-17  6-2-18  20-3-18 15-5-18  17-7-18

Ahmed       Zahir         Co-opted                           Y              Y             Y            Y            Y            Y         A

Ellis            Jaimie       Co-opted                           Y              Y             Y            Y            A            Y         Y

Gibson       Simon        Parent                               Y              Y             Y            Y            Y            Y         Y

Harrison     Sharon      Staff            23/3/18           A              Y             Y            Y            Y           N/A      N/A

Harvey       Florence    Co-opted                           Y              Y             Y            A             Y            Y         Y

Jackson     Hilary         LA                                      Y              Y             Y            Y            Y             Y         Y

Maybury     Alison        Head                                 Y              Y              Y            Y            Y             Y         Y

Mitchell      Shalini       Co-opted                           N/A          N/A          N/A         N/A        N/A           A         A

Stewart       Katie         Parent                                Y              Y             Y             Y            Y             Y        A

Warrington  Ian            Co-opted      1/11/17          Y              Y            N/A          N/A       N/A        N/A    N/A


Y = Present

A = Apologies

X = Absent

AN = Apologies Not Accepted



Zahir Ahmed

I joined Bevois Town as a co-opted school governor in July 2017. I graduated in Electrical Engineering and over time worked as an Engineer for a number of companies. During this time, my children joined Bevois Town and have hugely benefited from their local school. I have lived very close to the school for past 23 years.
Now my children have moved on and my grandchildren have joined the same track. I hope I can make some contribution to Bevois Town whom I owe so much.
Over time I have been active in local community work and charities. I worked for Southampton City Primary Care Trust for 5 years as a non-executive director and I have special interest in and experience of assisting inner city kids and families.


Jaimie Ellis

I joined Bevois Town as a co-opted school governor in September 2015. As a school governor I sit on the Resources Committee and I am the governor responsible for safeguarding. I have lived locally since I moved to Southampton in 2009. I currently work as a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton. Prior to this I worked in a Special Needs Secondary School supporting children with severe learning disabilities. I moved to Southampton to pursue a career in research, and part of my research interest and experience lies in understanding the experiences of autistic children.

It is important to me to contribute to my community and through my role as school governor I hope to build positive relationships and give back to the community Bevois Town is part of.


Simon Gibson

I was appointed as a Parent Governor in July 2017. My son had just finished his first year at Bevois Town having thoroughly enjoyed and thrived in the environment created by the excellent staff and children in his class. Through his year I was able to see how the school dealt with a range of issues in a considerate and effective way, and this has encouraged my passion to be part of continuing to make this a safe, encouraging, fun and successful learning environment for all the wonderful people involved. My background is varied having worked as a bank manager, a printing business owner, a receptionist at a hospital children’s department and now, with the privilege of being, a full-time dad.


Florence Harvey

  1. am a new governor at Bevois Town having joined in March 2017. I became a governor as I was looking for a way to support my local community and, as I am passionate about good quality education for all children, I thought this was a great way to make a difference. I am from Southampton; I grew up in Freemantle but have lived on this side of the city for the past 10 years. I work at the University of Southampton where I manage the Student Services Centre and have experience managing budgets, supporting and developing staff and change management. I have a Marketing degree from Southampton Solent University, which I completed in 2010.

Being a school governor is interesting and challenging, there is a lot to read but it is really rewarding. It is also lovely working with the fantastic teachers, Miss Maybury and the other staff at the school, seeing the great work they do every day to support the children to achieve their best.


Hilary Jackson

I became a governor at Bevois Town in November 2013 and have been the Chair of Governors since September 2014. I am also a member of the Resources Committee. I was previously a Headteacher of a Hampshire secondary school for 13 years until I retired in 2013. Prior to that I was a modern languages teacher and Deputy Head at Chamberlayne Park School here in Southampton. The city has been my adopted home-town since 1987, having met and then married an ardent Saints’ supporter whilst we were both working at a lively London comprehensive.

I live in Portswood and was keen to become involved in the local community once I had more time; I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to contribute as a governor in my local primary school.


Katie Stewart

I am delighted to have recently joined the Governor team at Bevois Town as a Parent Governor. I have two children at the school and have always been impressed with the passion of the teachers and the inclusive ethos of the school.

I have a wide background as have been lucky enough to have travelled and worked in a lot of different areas but I’m currently working for the insurer Aviva in their health insurance arm. My favourite job was probably either working in an Imax Cinema – free movies and popcorn – or when I did a season at Butlins which was genuinely like being on holiday for half the year. Outside of work, I’m a lone parent to my children so it can be fairly full on but I make time to follow some passions such as reading, cross stitching and the occasional distance swim. We also have a cat who is clingy but adorable.

I am looking forward to helping our school as I think we’re in a great place to succeed and can only build on our great reputation in the local area.


Alison Maybury, the Headteacher, is also a governor of the school.

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