We made it! A reminder that it is the last day for children today as the school is closed tomorrow for an Inset Day. Have a lovely summer holiday and we look forward to welcoming the children back on 6th September.

Bevois Town Primary School


Who's Who

'' Staff enjoy working at the school and display an absolute commitment

to the well-being of all pupils.'' (Ofsted, October 2018)


Senior Leadership Team

Miss Maybury          Headteacher

Mrs Young               Deputy Headteacher / Lead DSL

Miss Colbert            Assistant Headteacher / SENCo / Deputy DSL

Mr Steel                   Assistant Headteacher / Phase Leader Years 4 - 6

Mrs Durrant             School Business and Premises Leader



Year R/1 Team

Mrs Pope                    Year R/1 Phase Leader

Year R Team

Mrs Higgins                Teacher (Caterpillars)

Mrs Tuncan                Teacher (Bumblebees)

Miss Drouet-Lewis     Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kekere-Ekun       Teaching Assistant

Mrs Roberts               Teaching Assistant

Miss Vine                   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sharma               Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Slowik                 Lunchtime Supervisor

Year 1 Team                                                          

Mrs Davies                 Teacher (1D) (Maternity Leave) 

Miss Greenwood        Teacher (1G)

Mrs Pope                    Teacher (1P)   

Mrs Dayal                   Teaching Assistant 

Miss Gale                   Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Gelauf                 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Setters                 Teaching Assistant 

Miss Tubb                   Teaching Assistant


Year 2/3 Team

Miss Ash                           Year 2/3 Phase Leader

Year 2 Team

Miss Cannon                     Teacher (2C)

Miss Dewsberry                 Teacher (2D)

Miss McGregor-Ritchie      Teaching Assistant   

Miss Paraschiv                  Teaching Assistant   

Miss Rahman                     Teaching Assistant                 

Year 3 Team                                                             

Mrs Crouch                        Teacher (3C)  

Miss Reynolds                   Teacher (3R)

Mrs Hickman                     Teaching Assistant   

Miss Murdoch                    Teaching Assistant


Year 4/5/6 Team

Mr Steel                             Year 4/5/6 Phase Leader

Year 4 Team

Mrs Harrison                      Teacher (4H)

Mr Page                             Teacher (4P)

Mrs Boussot                       Teacher

Mrs Koegler                        Teaching Assistant

Mrs Shahen                        Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sidhu                           Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team                                                              

Miss Hall                             Teacher  (5H)      

Miss Tantillo                       Teacher (5T) 

Mr Lock                              Teacher

Miss Bryant                        Teaching Assistant

Mrs Farano                         Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Ridley                          Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Stow                            Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tathgar                        Teaching Assistant    

Year 6 Team

Miss Reavie                        Teacher (6R)

Miss Verny                          Teacher (6V)

Mrs Allen                             Teaching Assistant

Miss Hibbs                          Teaching Assistant



Internal Expert Providers

Mrs Lewis                Teacher (Music)

Mr Gheorghe           Teacher (ICT)

Mrs Horsley             Attendance and Family Support Officer

Miss Streak             ELSA



School Business and Premises Team

Business Team

Mrs Durrant         School Business and Premises Leader                                                             

Mrs Davis            Receptionist / Admin Assistant  

Miss Dziki            Receptionist / Admin Assistant

Miss Melville        Receptionist/Admin Assistant                           

Mr Gheorghe       ICT Technician  

Site Team                       

Miss Chibuye        Cleaner

Mrs Dunn              Site Supervisor

Mr Dziki                 Groundsman/Cleaner

Mr Russell             Cleaner


Left Shape


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Our Values

These underpin our vision and are at the HEART of everything we do
  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Achievement
  • Respect & Responsibility
  • Teamwork
At Bevois Town there are no ‘invisible’ children. All will shine and experience success. Reach for the stars - There is no ceiling to the sky!
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Our Values